A Look at Defense Strategies in Hernandez Murder Investigation


Everybody has the right to a fair trial, and every victim deserves justice. How will Aaron Hernandez’s defense lawyers, argue the main evidence against Hernandez as it stands now? Let’s take a deeper look into probable points in arguing reasonable doubt. If you were defending such a case, what would be your approach?

  1. Hernandez and Lloyd were texting the night of the killing and were seen together in the hours before his death

    Defense: Aaron Hernandez was probably texting a lot of people that night and although they were seen together, that does not mean Hernandez killed him. Unless there is an eye-witness to the killing, this is hearsay

  1. Odin Lloyd text his sister after Hernandez had picked him up, informing her of who he was with saying; “NFL” and “Just so you know”

    Defense: No basis or content to these texts (at least from what the public knows), Whose to say that Lloyd was not sending texts to his sister in order to brag or show off his affiliation with a professional star NFL player? Sources claim this is probable. There is also a lot of confusing surrounding the time of texts and the time of death. They may just be omitted from the trial.

  1. Hernandez rented a vehicle in his name shortly before the killing, and upon returning it, a .45 caliber shell casing was found under the seat. The same caliber used in Lloyd’s death

    Defense:  Question whether this vehicle being used by Odin in Hernandez’s name?

  1. Hernandez was caught on his own security camera with a gun, in his home, in what time stamps appear to show is after the shooting. Associates, Wallace and Ortiz are also present

    Defense: Herandnez was in his own home. The killing did not take place in his home. The gun he is allegedly holding is perfectly acceptable as he is allowed to carry whatever he wants on his own property and it wouldn’t be suspicious.

One thing I find concerning and disreputable coming from the investigation and prosecutors is the somehow link between Odin Lloyd and the 2012 double homicide in Boston of Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado. Now, the media is reporting on details released of warrants on that double homicide and the investigation into Hernandez’s role in it. While the information from the warrants is really to spark further investigation, they are lending some pretty serious allegations regarding Lloyd’s knowledge in the 2012 homicides. Prosecutors now claim that Lloyd knew and was speaking about these murders to other associates, and ultimately geared Hernandez’s motive to murder him, ultimately taking Lloyd’s life. First of all, this is all more information being reported that isn’t even complete. Since when does the general public ever get to see warrants and investigation details strewn out for everyone to see, when no charges have even been made? This is just another reason why a gag order is in fact, in order, as a jury could possibly tainted.  Also, unless there is concrete evidence proving these details, the prosecution should refrain from releasing this information. It seems to be a poor attempt to connect Hernandez to both cases with no actual current evidence tying the two together, just speculation.


While other pieces of the Hernandez evidence appear harder to explain and argue, make no mistake there is a strong defense case. As a member of the public I become partial to the media reports, which are largely negative and inaccurate. I do not have an inside look at the evidence it is harder to argue certain parts of the case as of now. However, I am looking forward to the pretrial so we can uncover all the inconsistencies and inaccuracies made by the state, as so often happens. One thing is for sure, there is no doubt, that this is definitely an interesting case, and the professional athlete element surely adds a dramatic dynamic. Stay tuned!

One Hernandez Related Death Result of DUI


Robert J. valentine, uncle of Aaron Hernandez, and brother to his Mother Terri, died with alcohol and drugs in his system in an August 2013 moped crash. According to Bristol, CT Police Department, an investigation into Valentine’s death uncovered he was responsible for driving negligent and wearing dark colored sunglasses at night combined with DUI. Positive toxicology results determined both cocaine and alcohol in his system at the time of death. Last August, Valentine was driving his moped impaired when he hit a curb and was thrown from his moped, suffering a brain injury.

Valentine is one of three people with connections to Hernandez who has died since his murder investigation began in June 2013. These coincidences, have ultimately prompted inquiries into their
Deaths, although it does not appear any suspicious circumstances surround them other than the relation to Hernandez. These recent revelations on Robert J. Valentine, however, should now end any speculation of foul play in his death.

Aaron Hernandez Case: Circumstantial After All?


If one were to briefly go over the evidence in Aaron Hernandez’s murder investigation, they could easily assume his guilt. In fact, that is the general consensus being brought forth in the media. Once a deeper look into the evidence and circumstance is taken, however, the case may not be so clear cut in a court of law. Hernandez and his associates may have done just enough to ensure reasonable doubt.

First, let’s take a look at the most damming evidence against Aaron Hernandez in the death of Odin Lloyd:

1. Hernandez and Lloyd were texting the night of the killing and were seen together in the hours before his death

2. Odin Lloyd text his sister after Hernandez had picked him up, informing her of who he was with saying; “NFL” and “Just so you know”

3. Hernandez rented a vehicle in his name shortly before the killing, and upon returning it, a .45 caliber shell casing was found under the seat. The same caliber used in Lloyd’s death

4. Hernandez was caught on his own security camera with a gun, in his home, in what time stamps appear to show is after the shooting. Associates, Wallace and Ortiz are also present

5. Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, originally denied knowing where her boyfriend had gone that night, as she went to bed early. Later, and contradictory to her statement, security cameras uncovered her greeting and welcoming Wallace into the home on the night of killing.

6. Shaneah Jenkins, Odin’s girlfriend, and Shayanna Jenkins younger sister, told police that Lloyd only reason to be in North Attleboro is Hernandez

7. While investigating Hernandez, police state he never asked who was murdered

8. Body was found ONE mile from Hernandez home in an industrial park

Now, it appears this evidence is surely hurting Aaron’s case, also assuming police believe he, alone, pulled the trigger. However, at this point, its not clear how much of the listed evidence is even going to make it into trial. The legal system and constitution allow much leeway to a persons individual rights, especially during trial. Furthermore, great lawyers can argue the level of relevance many of these points have in the actual case. For now, it is just a waiting game for arguments and rulings on these matters.


While I was combing through all the damming evidence, I found two main pieces of circumstantial evidence that could actually give Aaron Hernandez a strong case for reasonable doubt:

1. No murder weapon has been found

2. No eye-witness (at least not coming forward)

These two facts are very important for reasonable doubt in this case. The events yet bound to happen regarding the investigation and trial in relation to those closely associated with Hernandez, may depend on whether he gets off or not. And what Aaron Hernandez has going for him, is that nobody wants to speak. His fiancee has already been charged with perjury related to the investigation of Hernandez with her giving false statements and refusing to assist in the investigation. Also, rumors have stated that Aaron and Shayanna plan to wed while Hernandez is awaiting trial to ensure Shayanna would not have to testify against him. Prosecutors said they would do all they can to prevent this. Other friends and persons of interest of his, including cousin Tanya Cummings, have also chosen to remain silent on his behalf, and face charges of contempt. Meanwhile, Carlos Ortiz, is sitting in jail, and seemingly the only party willing to speak out about June 17. He accuses Hernandez of claiming he shot Odin Lloyd that night. The problem with Ortiz, is that for Hernandez’s million dollar team of lawyers, he’s a cross-examination dart. Ortiz has absolutely no credibility. To put it simply, his rap sheet includes being abusive toward girlfriends, petty crimes, thieving, defunct child support, drug abuse, and even failed drug tests while on probation. Not the type of credibility witness one would want on the stand. Its not to say that somebody like Ortiz, or he himself isn’t telling the truth, but it becomes increasingly hard to judge whether someone of such a character, isn’t only out to save themselves. Good lawyers can execute this tactic very effectively. And finally, the other man present on the night of June 17, Ernest Wallace, who turned himself into police. This is a man who is a career criminal and has been living off of Aaron Hernandez indefinitely. He is facing about seven years for his charges in the investigation, not too bad for a guy who has been in and out of prison his whole life. This is also a good reason it is not likely Wallace is going to give up or snitch on the guy who has been funding his lifestyle for years, including apartments, cars, and cash. Their lifestyle and values hold that loyalty is greater than anything.


I also want to briefly look at Aaron’s image. He is a young, good looking, professional football player, who also happens to be a star player. While his reputation has given him a ‘bad boy’ persona, he is still idolized by fans everywhere. When a player has success and talent on the field, it eliminates much of what happens in his personal life, at least from the fan’s perspective. If these guys are getting the job done on the field (ie. Super Bowls, winning games, catching passes), people tend to care less of how they conduct themselves off the field and in their personal lives. That is of course until, something incredible happens. Murder one charges would be a perfect example of that. So, in Hernandez’s case, as the details of June 17 unravel in the media, so does his personal life and any ill-fated details of it. Naturally, people are interested and so the media provides what they want, yet, its not always accurate or fair. Imagine yourself in a similar situation, where everything wrong, bad, or any time you may have lost your cool and said something discrediting, it is being used against you, to somehow prove something else. The evidence certainly appears discouraging on Aaron’s behalf as well as confirming there is a definite reason for his arrest, however, reasonable doubt, may just exonerate him. And surely his celebrity doesn’t hurt his cause.

The same way Casey Anthony was acquitted, and she was a woman who was literally hated by the media and public from the get go. So much evidence against her yet, reasonable doubt allows a jury to make a final decision on a persons fate. The question is whether the jury will be driven by emotion or not. It is the same in the case of Aaron Hernandez, and will emotion work in his favor or against him. The cases of Ray Lewis & OJ Simpson have been compared to Hernandez since details of the story broke. Will he be yet another professional football star accused of murder, to go through the wrath of the media and public, to be analyzed and criticized, only to ultimately be acquitted?

An overwhelming public perspective of guilt along with an overwhelming amount of harmful evidence against the accused, could ultimately assume a Hernandez’s guilty verdict. The main problem with that however, is that we are only partial to the facts as they are accessible to us, with many not being accessible. More so, there is a question of how all of this will play out in the legal system. In both the Simpson and Lewis cases, evidence was hid, and adept attorneys enabled inconsistencies in the trials. When Evidence is hid it becomes harder to convict. Hernandez case appears not much different or undermined.


Aaron Hernandez Trial and Coverge


I will be blogging on the Aaron Hernandez trial from here on out. Since this story broke I have been increasingly interested and I have some rather unconventional theories and ideas on this whole debacle.

So, to bring you up to date on the current details:

Aaron Hernandez, 24, a former star tight end for the New England Patriots was arrested and charged with the first degree murder of Odin Lloyd, 27, an acquaintance and boyfriend of Hernandez’s fiancée’s sister. Hernandez is accused of luring Odin into an industrial park, one mile from Hernandez’s home in North Attleboro, MA, in the early hours of June 17, 2013. Two other men were present that night, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, who are also being held in custody in connection to the murder. Allegations state the four men stopped for a supposed “bathroom break,” with Wallace, Hernandez and Odin exiting the car before Odin was shot five times and only the other two men returned. Currently, the suggested motive is that Odin was allegedly mingling or associating with people Hernandez did not like.

Hernandez last court appearance was December 23, where prosecutors and defense lawyers sparred over accusations of misconduct and attention seeking. Defense lawyer, Michael Fee, asked for an issuance of a gag order, arguing his client has the right to a fair trial and media sensationalism may have already jeopardized this. They also accused the State and investigators of playing dirty and even pulling ‘publicity stunts’ related to the investigation. this includes subpoenaing Miami Dolphin, Mike Pouncey, an hour after the Dolphins beat the Patriots at Gilette Stadium (Massachusetts) on October 27. While prosecutors denied both the accuracy to this story and said they are “playing fair,” DA William McCauley, then accused defense lawyers of misconduct, alleging their questioning of the State attorney’s integrity. Ultimately, both sides agreed to the legitimacy of a gag order however, it has not been ruled on as of yet. Aaron Hernandez is due back in court in January.

More on my opinions of the evidence so far, will be soon.



‘The Art of War’ according to USG


Ulysses S. Grant vs. Sun Tzu?
Is this truth? Now or then?

War often produces more questions than it does answers.
“Freedom is never free”, made apparent by the selflessness of men and women who sacrifice their lives, families, and own freedom for all of us. All so that we can vent about it on blogs, debate it on news programs, so politicians can pass their bills, while taking it all for granted. Troops fight on the frontlines, sometimes paying the ultimate price, and it’s the little guy, your brothers and sisters, your mothers and fathers, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, your friends, they are the ones who sign up, stand up, and fight for the freedom of citizens of the world. The true heroes. Fearless and resistant.

Never forget your veterans. Stay reminded.


JFK Eternal Flame – 50th Anniversary

Last Friday, November 22, 2013, I went to Arlington Cemetery and visited the grave of President John F. Kennedy. The significance of the day marked the 50th anniversary of his assasination at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX. I had flown into Reagan early that morning with a couple family members to attend the annual Oyster Riot at the Old Ebbit Grill. As a history buff, I felt obligated to make the trip to Arlington and pay respects to the fallen president.
As the trolley pulled up to the gravesite, I felt a little perplexed as to why TV trucks and camera crews were still present. Obviously, the significance of the day would bring news crews, however, the Kennedy’s had been there earlier that morning, and by now it was 1pm. Later, I learned the crews were there all day rolling cameras for lapse of the entire public vigil.
Walking past Joseph and Robert’s graves gave me a different vibe then my previous visit to the site. Dozens of bouquets of flowers lay in memory for each brother along the walkway to the Eternal flame. The “Silence and Respect” signs that stand close by seemed to be more observed than usual, and finally, the presence of military support and the news cameras, gave an alluring and important aura over the memorial.

At The grave of JFK lay reefs, bouquets, poems, prayers, paraphernalia and even the hat of a US soldier. Like many special moments in life, the true impact of it doesn’t hit you until later. Standing there, paying my respects in that crowd, on that day, is something I will not forget. Perhaps the thing that makes the gravesite of the US’s most popular president so special and emotional for so many is due to it’s simplicity. Unlike the magnificent tombs and burials of other former presidents, JFK’s is rather humble. The location being at Arlington Cemetery, where almost every person buried there is a war veteran, modesty seems only fitting. While most of the fallen soldiers at Arlington do have rather simple graves, JFK’s is by no means unnoticeable, though it is serene. A peaceful tribute to his fallen comrades around him.
“he belongs to the people.” – Jackie Kennedy